Intelligenxe is the movement (i.e. school of thought) to revolutionize Wall Street through the implementation of OFIP, which is a (very likely) superior business model for financial services companies (FSCs).  OFIP enables FSCs to perform most of their financial work significantly more efficiently, including:
-    Higher Margins
-    Higher Returns/Growth
-    Morality/Transparency/Accountability
-    Chinese-Wall
-    Minimized Cyclicality
-    Outsourcing
OFIP is expected to be optimally implemented throughout the core of the industry through the creation of a unique company - through the eventual (large-scale) relaunch of Intelligenxe, Inc.

This revolutionary movement intends to maintain/increase Wall Street's worldwide lead (U.S. competitiveness) in financial markets and solve some of its major problems.

We engage innovative leading Wall Street institutions/persons. We are presided by David R. Rivas, Ph.D. - the OFIP inventor - a Ph.D. from MIT and an experienced Wall Streeter.

Invitation to evaluate Intelligenxe/OFIP
The OFIP proprietary business model is a transparent, simple and proven idea. Prominent institutions/persons on Wall Street (or in OFIP related areas) interested in evaluating it may contact us to perform the Evaluation Process (EP).  We offer no rewards to evaluators other than the satisfaction of knowing that their feedback could help solve Wall Streets´ major problems and maintain/increase its worldwide leadership in financial markets.

For more information about Intelligenxe, please email us at contactus@intelligenxe.com 


In terms of analogous innovations
Intelligenxe expects to be to Wall Street
what Google is to the Internet
what Linux is to the software industry
what Skype is to telecommunications
what Wikipedia is to the encyclopedias industry
We are pioneers in (revolutionary/disruptive) collaborative production methods


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