Disclaimer: Intelligenxe is not a company; it is a movement (i.e. school of thought) for the implementation of the OFIP business model invention that was developed by Intelligenxe, Inc. ("the Company") prior to the Company's dissolution.

The Company's History and Validation of the OFIP Business Model

From its inception in 1999, Intelligenxe, Inc. ("the Company") focused on developing, testing and optimizing its OFIP business model. For this effort, the Company, a former subtenant of the World Trade Center, contracted over 100 young researchers, the majority from top universities, including David R. Rivas, Ph.D., the Company's founder and OFIP inventor, a Ph.D. from MIT with many years of Wall Street experience. The Company self-financed this first phase of OFIP development/testing with its investment banking revenues from serving corporate clients. During this first phase the Company also applied OFIP's earliest concepts to follow 40 leading Internet/technology stocks with institutional research reports, which were widely distributed to institutions through Bloomberg, IBES/Thomson Financial, Multex and Zacks.

In 2001, the Company successfully completed its OFIP developmental/testing phase, and shortly thereafter ceased operations and was dissolved due to D. Rivas’ personal circumstances. Also, near that time D. Rivas finished conceiving OFIP and consolidating the Company's business plan, OFIP patent filing and OPTIMAL FUND patent filing.

Since then and up until recently the work on OFIP had been interrupted, except for year 2008, when D. Rivas was able to get validation on the potential of the OFIP business model from over 120 finance/economics undergraduate/seniors and graduate students from many US universities. After confidentially analyzing OFIP, these students concluded that it had potential to revolutionize Wall Street through the advantages it offers.

More recently, advances in the technological frontier and business models trends have confirmed the feasibility and likely superiority of the OFIP business model. Therefore, due to the significant advantages OFIP could offer to the financial services industry and the economy, Intelligenxe (i.e. the movement to revolutionize/improve the financial services industry through the implementation of OFIP in financial/investment services companies) has emerged.

Finally, D. Rivas believes that one of the best ways to implement OFIP in the industry would be through a future large-scale relaunch of Intelligenxe, Inc. with the business plan summarized below.


Disclaimer: The Intelligenxe movement could lead to a future relaunch/reincorporation of Intelligenxe, Inc. (the Company) with the following business plan (excerpt) for its large-scale development:

BUSINESS PLAN (excerpt): Intelligenxe, Inc. - a Company with a Proven Proprietary Business Model that is Expected to Revolutionize the Financial Services Industry

Intelligenxe, Inc. ("the Company") is a unique company as it has the exclusive right to use the OFIP proprietary business model. This business model enables financial services companies (FSCs), through revenue sharing alliances with the Company, to perform most of their financial activities (including investment research, investment banking, asset management and sales) significantly more thoroughly and efficiently. In particular, the alliances of FSCs with the Company enable FSCs to potentially double their net profit margins, therefore, providing them with a revolutionary competitive advantage in an industry with a secular trend of margins' pressure, due to fierce competition. The alliances also provide FSCs with other advantages that are expected to make remarkable contributions to solving the major challenges facing the financial services industry (link below). Through the alliances, the Company's OFIP business model provides these advantages to FSCs by using proprietary methods analogous to those of the open-source Linux operating system and search engine Google. Historically, these other applications have also revolutionized their respective industries and experienced the fastest growth rates in their industries by providing higher quality products/services and at lower cost.

The Large-Scale Development of the Company
The Company is building its large-scale infrastructures for asset management and investment banking and prospecting for entering in revenue sharing alliances with many of the largest and most prominent FSCs. The Company is unlikely to face direct competition from other FSCs as it does not plan to license its OFIP proprietary business model to them. On the contrary, the Company intends to form alliances with the FSCs for them to efficiently share in its outstanding sustainable competitive advantages (link below). As a result, the market for the Company's business alliances is huge, comprising of most investment banks and brokerages, mutual, pension and hedge funds, private equity and venture captial firms, etc. Therefore, with no direct competition, a huge market, and a proven and scalable business model that offers outstanding sustainable advantages, the Company expects to rapidly form alliances with a large number of top FSCs and thus positively affect a significant market share of the financial services industry.

The Company's revolutionary advantages for FSCs (its alliances’ partners) and the economy

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