OFIP advantages for “partner FSCs” (Financial Services Companies (FSCs)* implementing the OFIP business model in their operations):
The OFIP business model is very likely to >>

Higher Margins
>> produce work at lower cost and of higher quality for partner FSCs (potentially enabling them 100% net margin increases), a very valuable attribute in an industry with a secular trend of margins' pressure due to fierce competition.

Higher Returns/Growth
>> produce higher returns for partner FSCs and thus stronger (macro) economic growth through them by inducing more efficient use and allocation of capital in a significant market share of the industry.

>> instill morality and increase transparency and accountability in partner FSCs thus significantly helping solve the ethical problems in both corporate governance and Wall Street, which would restore investors' confidence in the industry.

>> solve conflict of interest problem of Wall Streets' analysts with respect to working with their investment banking divisions, in partner FSCs.

Minimized Cyclicality
>> reduce the cyclicality of partner FSCs, which is one of their key priorities in this industry that strongly correlates with economic cycles.

>> make other major contributions to the US economy, including making it more efficient for partner FSCs to outsource cheap labor domestically rather than internationally/offshore.

* The above OFIP advantages are for Wall Street firms; however, similar OFIP advantages apply to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.