INTELLIGENXE is the movement (i.e. school of thought) to revolutionize Wall Street through the replacement of human investment research analysts, asset managers and traders by Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. This AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) movement has its roots in the continuous innovation of the following 3 different and independent inventions, which are disclosed in this website:

In terms of analogous innovations
Intelligenxe’s OFIP expects to be to Wall Street (and to the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries)
what Google (search) is to the Internet
what Linux or GitHub is to the software industry
what Wikipedia is to the encyclopedias industry
We are pioneers in (revolutionary/disruptive) collaborative production methods
In terms of analogous innovations/models
Intelligenxe’s OPTIMAL FUND expects to be to the asset management industry
what the NFL championships are to football
what FIFA championships are to soccer
We are pioneers in (revolutionary/disruptive) applications of the survival of the fittest concept to asset management
In terms of analogous innovations
Intelligenxe’s AI-TRADER expects to be to the asset management industry
what Google’s DeepMind Agent57 is to the gaming industry
what AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, AlphaZero and MuZero is to Go players
what AlphaZero and MuZero is to chess players
We are pioneers in (revolutionary/disruptive) applications of deep-reinforcement-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) to asset management

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