Disclaimer: Prior to 2020 (pre-Covid), OFIP was expected to be implemented in the industry through a large-scale relaunch of Intelligenxe, Inc. (the Company) with the business plan described on this page (below). However, now that OFIP is open source, the following pre-Covid Evaluation Process has been replaced with the (post-Covid) EP

EP Stage # Signed documents required of evaluator* to advance to the next stage Items evaluator* should review before advancing to the next stage
Stage 1 n.a.INTRODUCTORY WEBSITE (pre-Covid version of this website)
(about the movement to revolutionize Wall Street through the implementation of OFIP by relaunching Intelligenxe, Inc. (“the Company”)).
Stage 2AGREEMENT ON TERMS OF EP governing the evaluation of the inventions (OFIP and OPTIMAL FUND) n.a.
 Stage 3 n.a.HISTORICAL RECORD OF THE COMPANY (historywebsite and previous EP (2008))
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF ITS BUSINESS MODEL/PLAN (textviewgraphs and short videos)
Stage 4FIRST OPINION LETTER on the validity of OFIP and movement n.a.
 Stage 5 n.a.BUSINESS MODEL/PLAN (text and viewgraphs)
Stage 6SECOND OPINION LETTER on the validity of OFIP and movement n.a.
 Stage 7** n.a.OPTIMAL FUND‘s Description (text)(of another revolutionary invention – different from OFIP above)
Stage 8**OPINION LETTER on OPTIMAL FUND on its validity n.a.
 EVALUATOR’S REWARD: The satisfaction of having contributed to Wall Street’s innovation and the US Economy
Evaluator may perform the EP by confidentially collaborating with a colleague or an assistant
** Stages 7 and 8 on OPTIMAL FUND are optional

Explanation of the above table:


EP Stage 1: The evaluator reviews the INTRODUCTORY WEBSITE (the pre-Covid version of www.intelligenxe.com) and thus starts his/her Evaluation Process (EP) to confirm OFIP advantages and Intelligenxe’s movement. The evaluator is offered no rewards for the EP other than the satisfaction of knowing that his/her feedback could help solve Wall Streets´ major problems and maintain its worldwide leadership in financial markets. 

EP Stage 2: The evaluator executes the AGREEMENT ON TERMS OF EP (EVALUATION PROCESS) governing the evaluation of Intelligenxe’s business plan, OFIP and OPTIMAL FUND. 

EP Stage 3: The evaluator reviews the Company’s

1. HISTORICAL RECORD, including the website of Intelligenxe, Inc. (formerly InternetFundManager.com, Inc.) that was used to develop, test and optimize OFIP during the startup phase I (1998-2001) – the institutional research reports posted on the website were produced by using the earliest versions of OFIP.  

2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the Business Model/Plan for its relaunch.

EP Stage 4: The evaluator completes a FIRST OPINION LETTER on OFIP advantages and Intelligenxe’s movement. 

EP Stage 5: The evaluator reviews the Company’s BUSINESS MODEL/PLAN

EP Stage 6: The evaluator completes a SECOND OPINION LETTER on OFIP advantages and Intelligenxe’s movement. 

EP Stage 7 (optional): The evaluator reviews the OPTIMAL FUND’s Description of another innovative business model for asset management. OPTIMAL FUND is another invention of David R. Rivas, Ph.D. and is unrelated to and different from OFIP but similarly has the potential to revolutionize the asset management industry. 

EP Stage 8 (optional): The evaluator completes an OPINION LETTER on OPTIMAL FUND’s advantages.

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