The following AI (Artificial Intelligence) features are useful for asset management companies and thus for the OPTIMAL FUND development:

AI Freature: AI agents partially/completely managing hedge funds and other types of investment companies – LangChain
Feature Description:
– LangChain may be used to build a chain of agents interacting in the market environment.
– The various agents may be assigned different tasks (fundamental analysis, quantitative trading, technical analysis, etc.) and collaborate to manage and run the hedge fund.
– Agents interact with each other, reason, agree/disagree, execute promising trades, etc.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
I Built a Hedge Fund Run by AI Agents / code
AI Freature: AI agents being able to perform virtually any human task on Wall Street firms, and more efficiently – crewAI, AutoGen
Feature Description:
– AI agents may be customized with specific roles, goals, and tools to perform virtually any Wall Street task.
– AI agents may autonomously delegate tasks and inquire amongst themselves, enhancing problem-solving efficiency.
– Tasks may be defined with customizable tools (summarizers, web and video scrapers, etc. tools) and assigned to agents dynamically.
– Sequential task execution and hierarchical processes and even more complex processes like consensual and autonomous may be supported.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
Let’s Build: Automate ANYTHING With AI Agent Teams (Step-by-Step) / code
AutoGen Tutorial 🚀 Create Custom AI Agents EASILY (Incredible) / code
AI Freature: Using RAG systems to analyze private sets of documents with ChapGPT like functionality – RAG
Feature Description:
– Asset management companies may feed any type of private or/and confidential documents to their own RAG systems in order to have ChapGPT like question-answer/summarization/chat functionalities with respect to the content of the documents, which may include PDFs, blogs, websites, video, etc.
– RAG systems may be used to analyze confidential due diligence documents, and any other sets of documents/information with which they have been customized.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
RAG From Scratch: Part 1 (Overview) / code
AI Freature: Using the text-to-video model for communicating and marketing – OpenAI Sora
Feature Description:
– The text-to-video model may be used to generate videos that effectively communicate the value of an investment, such as a stock, bond, ETF, etc.
– Also, for marketing and thus for attracting clients to the asset management company.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
OpenAI Sora: All Videos with Prompts | 4K
OpenAI’s SORA – 11 More Unbelievable Examples!

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