OPTIMAL FUND is a business model for asset management that seeks to maximize the utility of the Internet to achieve higher investment returns relative to traditional mutual funds and hedge funds.

OPTIMAL FUND is one of the two business model inventions of David R. Rivas, Ph.D. but is unrelated to and different from OFIP, his other invention. Unlike OFIP, which is applicable to a broad range of financial services, OPTIMAL FUND is only applicable to asset management.

Both OPTIMAL FUND and OFIP are business models based on transparent and simple concepts.  They were conceived around 1998-2001 and were kept confidential pre-Covid (prior to 2020). They became open source post-Covid (starting 2021). We believe that OPTIMAL FUND and OFIP are natural and innovative applications of the Internet to the financial services industry that, like online trading, sooner or later will find their way into Wall Street.

If you are a prominent professional in the asset management industry, please read the OPTIMAL FUND’s original provisional patent application and/or send us your feedback/questions at info@intelligenxe.com

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