The following AI (Artificial Intelligence) features are useful for investment research and thus for the OFIP development:

AI Freature: Text Summarizations of various types and sizes of documents – LangChain
Feature Description:
– Annual reports, new releases, due diligence documents, etc. may be automatically summarized with LLMs and thus make the job of analysts (and any readers, in general) more efficient.
– These custom summaries in turn may be fed to other AI systems for decision making, including trading decisions.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
5 Levels Of LLM Summarizing: Novice to Expert / code
AI Freature: AI agents may replace traditional investment research analysts and asset managers – LangChain
Feature Description:
– The core idea of agents is to use a language model to choose a sequence of actions to take.
– In agents, a language model is used as a reasoning engine to determine which actions to take and in which order.
– These agents may be capable of performing the tasks of investment research analysts, fund managers, and OFIP interns better than their human counterparts.
Relevant Video(s) / Code(s) :
Harrison Chase – Agents Masterclass from LangChain Founder (LLM Bootcamp)
code 1
code 2 

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