INTELLIGENXE is the movement (i.e. school of thought) to revolutionize Wall Street through the replacement of human investment research analysts, asset managers and traders by Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. This AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) movement has its roots in the continuous innovation of three different and independent inventions: OFIP, OPTIMAL FUND and AI-TRADER, described below. Intelligenxe’s objective is to maintain/increase Wall Street’s worldwide lead and the US’s competitiveness in financial markets – and solve some of the major problems in the US’s financial markets.  The three inventions are therefore open source – fully disclosed and freely available to all institutions that would like to implement them and benefit from them.

This movement is led by the inventor of Intelligenxe’s 3 innovations, David R. Rivas, Ph.D. – a Ph.D. from MIT, and experienced Wall Streeter and AI(Artificial Intelligence)/data-scientist. We engage innovative leading institutions/professionals on Wall Street, and in the investments and AI (Artificial Intelligence) industries. 


Intelligenxe intends to revolutionize Wall Street and the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries through the implementation of OFIP, which (very likely) is a superior business model for financial services companies (FSCs).  OFIP enables FSCs to have the potential to perform most of their financial/investing work significantly more efficiently than their traditional peers, including:
–    Higher Margins
–    Higher Returns/Growth
–    Morality/Transparency/Accountability
–    Chinese-Wall
–    Minimized Cyclicality
–    Outsourcing


Intelligenxe intends to disrupt the asset management industry through OPTIMAL FUND, a new business model for asset management that uses the concept of survival of the fittest to maximize investment returns.


Intelligenxe intends to revolutionize the asset management industry through AI-TRADER, a deep-reinforcement-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) model that learns how to trade funds, almost like humans do.  AI-TRADER, however, is able to surpass the learning and trading skills of humans and thus outperform human traders and the markets.

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