Disclaimer: Intelligenxe is not a company; it is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) movement (i.e. school of thought) that evolved from 3 business model inventions for the financial services industry: OFIP, OPTIMAL FUND and AI-TRADER. The OFIP’s first version was developed by Intelligenxe, Inc. (“the Company”) prior to the Company’s dissolution.

The Company’s History and Validation of the OFIP Business Model

From its inception in 1999, Intelligenxe, Inc. (“the Company”) focused on developing, testing and optimizing its OFIP business model. For this effort, the Company, a former subtenant of the World Trade Center, contracted over 100 young researchers, the majority from top universities, including David R. Rivas, Ph.D., the Company’s founder and OFIP inventor, a Ph.D. from MIT with many years of Wall Street experience. The Company self-financed this first phase of OFIP development/testing with its investment banking revenues from serving corporate clients. During this first phase the Company also applied OFIP’s earliest concepts to follow 40 leading Internet/technology stocks with institutional research reports, which were widely distributed to institutions through Bloomberg, IBES/Thomson Financial, Multex and Zacks.

In 2001, the Company successfully completed its OFIP developmental/testing phase, and shortly thereafter ceased operations and was dissolved due to D. Rivas’ personal circumstances. Also, near that time D. Rivas finished conceiving OFIP and consolidating the Company’s business plan, OFIP patent filing and OPTIMAL FUND patent filing.

Since then and up until several years ago the work on OFIP had been interrupted, except for year 2008, when D. Rivas was able to get validation on the potential of the OFIP business model from over 120 finance/economics undergraduate/seniors and graduate students from many US universities. After confidentially analyzing OFIP, these students concluded that it had potential to revolutionize Wall Street through the advantages it offers.

More recently, advances in the technological frontier and business models trends have confirmed the feasibility and likely superiority of the OFIP business model. Therefore, due to the significant advantages OFIP could offer to the financial services industry and the economy, Intelligenxe (i.e. the movement to revolutionize/improve the financial services industry through the implementation of OFIP in financial/investment services companies) has emerged.

Pre-Covid (prior to 2020), D. Rivas believed that one of the best ways to implement OFIP in the industry was through a large-scale relaunch of Intelligenxe, Inc. with the business plan summarized and disclosed on pre-Covid EP. This involved keeping OFIP proprietary and protected by patent rights.

Post-Covid (starting in 2021), D. Rivas decided that it was more beneficial to the world economies and society to “open source” OFIP, that is to disclose OFIP’s intellectual property and make it freely available, without any patent restrictions, to any institution that would want to benefit from it. Likewise, Post-Covid, D. Rivas has also made his other two inventions, OPTIMAL FUND and AI-TRADER, open source.

Finally, as a result of the continuous improvement and innovation of the above 3 inventions, Intelligenxe has evolved to become the movement (i.e. school of thought) to revolutionize Wall Street through the replacement of human investment research analysts, asset managers and traders by Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents.

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